25 b4 25

I've read plenty more than enough blogs and alot have talked about making goals is one the best ways to stay focused. I've seen this idea on many different site, don't remember exactly which ones but I decided to twick it and make it my own. Since I am alot younger than alot of the bloggers I read about, I decided to do 25.
This is a list of 25 things I want to do before I turn 25. 

  1. Pass NCLEX 
  2. Meet my weight goal (167lbs)
  3. Wog 5k
    Lozi Lu Mud Run 2012

  4. Purchase littmann stethoscope
  5.  Wog 10k
  6. Do 3 day Breast Cancer Walk
  7. Go on the biggest cruise in the world (Royal Carribean - Oasis)
  8. Drive an Altima
  9. Go Zip Lining
  10. Have own apartment/house
  11. Pay off Care Credit
  12. Go to a conference of interest
  13. Get a job as RN
  14. Get BSN
  15. Walk a FULL Marathon
  16. Go to Las Vegas
  17. Visit the Statue of Liberty
  18. Run 5k
  19. Go Jet skiing
  20. Go to skii resort
  21. Wear a bikini
  22. Buy a Micheal Kors Purse
  23. Purchase TurboFire
  24. Move out of Maryland
  25. Go to California

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