Oh Soo Me_BRee

Lets talk about ME!
I am on a weight loss journey that will change the rest of life
                                              My first 5k, in the MUD! most recent picture 

21 RANDOM things about this 21 y.o BIG SEXY!

1. I love myself! YES
2. Overweight my entire life
3. Nursing Student (ASN/RN Dec 2012)
4. My fav color is 
5. I love dolphins
6. I have 2 sisters/2 brothers
7. I'm a South Beach Country Girl (born in Miami raised in Houston)
8. I have a inner cheetah diva
9. I've always loved math
10.I have a passion for helping others
11. I don't have any kids (for now)
12. My bf's mom cooks the best Jamaican food
13. I like to live life like a dream
14. I love tattoos (4 currently /more to come)
15.I don't like dogs, but our dog Shadow loves me (ill)
16. I don't like to cook, but love to eat
17.I love and wear make up to enhance beauty
18.I am not conceited, just confident
19.Confidence has brought great happiness to my life, over shadowing the fact that am not a size 8 like many
20. Weight Watchers beginner
21.Struggling to get fit, happy, and more healthy

I am not afraid of a swim suit
enough to know that I would look  88% better if I dropped  the extra cushion

More pictures Soon!!!

Peace , Love, Sm:)es

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