Saturday, July 7, 2012


How am I doing? Not so well.  I have been swallowed up by a swirl of monster goodies and junk food. Last I mentioned I was about to join weight watchers. Yes indeed but not until next week. I have to get some things together, but until then I know I should be watching what I eat, and exercising but I’m not.

I'm kinda falling back into this I don’t care mode, which is 2 left turns away from FAILURE! I have mixed emotions right now, about my weight, and my appearance.

I sit at my desk and love reading everyone’s success stories, and wish that I was in those before and after pictures. I understand its hard work, but sometime I just want it to be me. I think I’m a little selfish but that’s that truth.

I hope to find a clear mind again before I start this WW so that I keep on the right track. I know it will be hard, but I wish my time to be happy with my weight was here. But it’s not so I’ll try and be Patient!

Until then SM:)e

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