Sunday, July 15, 2012

Babbling Bree

I am officially a Weight Watchers Member. OMG! I signed up last Tuesday. Yeah I should have been posted this. SORRY!. I'm super excited about this right turn I took on the long journey to my weight loss. I'm only doing online, so its a little hard to understand how to calculate everything. I do have a starters kit that was given to me ummm... OCTOBER. Yeah! I wasn't ready at the time to use it, and now I am. It helps, but its nothing like someone actually explaining everything to you. Everything isn't always handed to you, OBVIOUSLY!. But yes, skinnyme_bree is my weight watchers name, I haven't got fully involved in website, I've been really busy, but
I'm excited!!

I feel alot of pressure for whatever reason that I should be blogging everyday. :/
OMG, yes I admire all the people who find time to blog everyday of there life. I appreciate it because It gives me things to ready, learn, and do. BUT DAMN, everyday blogging is not for ME!. I think once I get into a routine with my daily life maybe I can squeeze it in everyday. I dont know but for now I have to think about the days I want to post and have a routine or something. Maybe I can start doing more picture post, instead, I like to read those more then actual words. IDK
I enjoy sharing but EVERYDAY. I'll pass for now

Lozilu 5k MUD RUN!!!!!!
5 days left. 
I'm really excited now because I feel better when im wogging, and actually tracked my distance for the first time on this new app and I usually go about 3 miles. So I know I will make it through! HELL YEAH. My team have the cutest outfits ( at least we think so). There will be many pictures once released and a fabuolous ME!
Saturday June 21 
It goes down!!!

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