Monday, June 4, 2012

Amateur Grocery Shoppers

Today I went grocery shopping with my mother, because today is the DAY 1 of our 30 day challenge. That will be in a later post . Anyways a couple of funny things happened while we were there. We had fun in the produce section because alot of the things we eat are NEVER from that area of the store. Prime example.
What the hell is this?

 There was no label, no tag and no name on the price label. OK This looks like something that will come alive and eat me. YUCK. Someone please tell me what this is?

~ / ~ / ~ / ~ 
Is this a Sweet Potato or Yam?
Don't judge us :)
Mom: I don't see any sweet potatoes
Me: Here they are
Mom: Those aren't it, those are Yams
Me: I believe they are the same thing
Mom: I dont think so
Me: Ok lets call Yana(vegetarian cousin)
Me: I knew that, told u mommy :)

Yes, Yams and sweet potatoes are the same things. But growing up, yams were the chopped up orange potatos, layered with cinnamon, sugar, and marshmallows for Thanksgiving. Sweet Potatoes  were the organge potatos the my cousin ate with plain butter and looked disgusting with no taste. But now we know, the plain unjustifibel taste its worth a try, and their "suppose to be good for you", so what the heck, lets try them. 

~ / ~ / ~ / ~ 

NO! not bird seeds.
So we get home and  my brother is putting away all the food and he comes across a bag filled with these:

Brother: What the heck is this
Me: Whats what?
Brother: Did we get a bird that I dont know about?
Me: What are you talking about?
Brother: Look! Bird seeds. Flax-a-seed (Flax Seeds)
Me: lls, no we didnt get a bird, thats to go in smoothies and oatmeal
Mom: Yeah she tryna feed us like one 
Brother: Right 

This journey is going to be interesting more so because we are learning about alot of new produce and foods that we knew nothing about. We are learning to eat healthier, so that we can eat more, and have control over what goes in our mouths. 

_Pynk KiiSSeSS 


  1. Ahhh excuse me ... but there IS a difference between yams and sweet potatoes! So called vegetarians don't know everything!
    Check it out here from a reliable source:

  2. Yeah.. I think yams and sweet potatoes are different. Aren't they?

    1. Yes, I dont know how but they are.