Monday, June 25, 2012

I want to eat WHATEVER!

I want to eat WHATEVER the hell I WANT! Not really, but having super-dooper extensive restrictions SUCKS!! Here are some updates from my past few weeks.

Ohh the end of week 3 and the start of week 4. I’m so over this challenge. I’m not giving up, Its just that I  tried it and its just not for me.

Weigh in Monday BLAH. I gained 5.4lbs 5.4 5.4 I don’t want to get down on myself but shit, that’s 5.4 lbs. Soon I will tell you my offical start weight and goal weight and all that good stuff. I dont feel  comfortable YET. 
I stop food logging. WHY?
1.       It boring, I eat the same stuff over and over again
2.       It takes time, I just want to eat my food
3.       I don’t feel like doing it, JUST LAZY

This probably why I gained weight. Maybe? Maybe not, I ‘m not sure all I know is that I need to do everything that helps me. I guess im going to have to get over it and start up again. IDK


So I visited my doctor recently and she suggested Weight Watchers. Yes there is numerous research that says this is the best lifestyle changer , It teaches how to eat and cook for yourself, and choose the right foods, and understand the consequences of eating badly and rewarding yourself for eating well. (PLUS exercise of course)

Everyone raving about WW, I have physical proof from a family member, and plenty of bloggers have been on WW. (Amazing before and after pictures) I’m not against it in anyway, its just seems like a lot of work. I’m use to having everything handed to me, meals already made from the start to the finish of the diet. That’s the big problem, DIET. if I keep depending on different DIETS to supply me with everything, when it’s over (usually about 2 weeks), I never know how to feed myself, and that’s when all the weight comes back on.  UhHUH


It seems like so much effort
Awhile back I had lost 20 lbs in one month when I was on a mock WW. My aunt (WW member amazing results) helped me to calculate my daily points, I logged in my own journal, and weighed in at her house. This one month gave me a good start, but then I stopped and gained the weight back plus more. Anyways I know It will work if I stick to it.  Stick to it like glue!


One thing I am keeping up with is my exercise routine. I have been keeping up with the gym, 3x a wk and wogging (walk/jogging) 2x a wk. Its been good, I feel it getting easier, I run more each day, and im not as sore as I use to be. I guess that means PUMP it UP MORE!!! My first 5k is coming up and SUPER EXCITED about that!

But that’s all the news for now. I will try to stay LOW carb NO sugar for the last week of the challenge and then WW will start soon.

PS. I’m trying to get a signature for my post, I need to learn Photoshop or something easy so I can have cool signature like a lot of ppl. I will figure it out. If you have any advice PLEASE HELP

 Until then SM:)e! It takes NO energy!

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