Monday, June 11, 2012

F U Cravings

I never use to like ice cream that much. I've always been a cake, cookie girl. But when I started getting stressed and felt very low during the past couple of years, like most people I went to ICE CREAM. Thats right, the best flavor in the world is Cookies & Cream, ( no particular brand). Now although I did go to ice cream for comfort, I didnt sit and eat the entire pint, or quart, or gallon in one sitting, but I craved it, and I ate it, and it was delicious. 

Right now I am on a 30 day challenge and basically its not sugar, no carbs for the most part. So guess what NO ICE CREAM!! Its been a week and I've been doing well, but sometime you just have that craving. Its kinda like losing a friend that you know never benefit you, but due time you begin to miss, and yearn for that friend again just because they used to be there, yep thats how I was feeling about ice cream. 

Well Saturday (day 6) was the hardest day for me thus for. First I get to work, and thru out the day I glady have a fresh salad, some chill and I'm filling great. Then I go in the freezer to put a bottle of water in there, and love and behold, my cookies and cream ICE CREAM (from about a week ago) just sitting there calling, screaming my name. I shut the door so fast, I was so tempted to go in there and gooble it down, mainly because I saw it, it was there, and it was mine, and no one was around. Well I didn't, I focused on my work and by the time it hit  5:00 I didnt fully forget about it but I fought that awful craving.

 So I get home to an empty house, great ill just go play the SIMS ( lovie). Then I hear a knock on the door, and my siblings come through the door, yes happy to see them , NOT REALLY! Why? Because they walk in with what i had been fighting all day, COLD STONE ICE CREAM ( one of the best ice cream parlors EVER). I was very upset, not that they had it, but because I couldn't indulge in that tasty smoothie (made w/ ice cream) and cookie and cream cup. SUPER :( . So I got down stairs and continue playing the Sims. after a while the craving came back, I go to the freezer and stare at the left over ice cream. I must have stood there for about 5 minutes thinking about if I should eat it or not. I held it in my hand, twirled it around, and that butterfly on my shoulder said, F U CRAVING!. Thats right I put it back in the fridge and slammed the door. I knew that I shoudlnt have it, I was doing fine as long as I didnt see it, so why spoil my great week with this one bad craving that seem to be taking over me. I had won the battle, me versus ice cream round 1, ME! Now I know it was round 1 because I'm pretty sure it will happen again, But Im ready to FIGHT. So to ease off that moment, I made me a fresh smoothie instead. No its not ice cream, but Its fresh fruit that I can have. 

Sunday I arrive at the office, only to see this pint of ice cream again, torturing me, and tempeting me to eat it. Well I finally said to the ice cream. F U! I DONT NEED YOU! YOU DO ME NO GOOD! And the rest is for you to see...

I don' t need this. 

Drown! You sucker!

Yes, I know this is the right thing


Im on a mission, to be the best ME there is, and right now ice cream is not on my team! 



  1. Haha! I love this! And I tried to follow your blog but currently my Blog Reader isn't letting me follow any blogs (laaaame), so I'll try again later.