Saturday, June 16, 2012

Making Progress

Week 2 is coming to an end. I am so proud of myself. I don't think I have ever stayed on a diet, streak, or anything without messing up or giving up. Not saying I haven't slipped up, but I recognize that, work out a little harder and try to do better next time. There is something in me that is keeping me going.

It hasn't been the easiest journey, but im working with what I got, and I'm doing pretty good. I am getting a little scared since im half way through the 30 days, I'm not sure how im going to transition to eating carbs again. I know I have to eat them, but that is what caused me to get to this point. I'm scared that I may binge, or wont have portion control because I love rice, and pasta so much. No one wants to take steps backwards, so Im already thinking of a plan once my 30 days are over. I know 30 days is just for the challenge but im on this weight loss journey and healthy lifestyle transition to the end.

Umm yeah. I've been reading some ALOT of different blogs, from wt loss, to healthy eating, to runners and bikers blogs. I love them so much because they motivate you, and assist you in some questions you may have, ALL FOR FREE. THANKSSSSS!!.

 So most people have a goal, whether it be in lbs, inches or miles, there is some type of goal set.
Your life will never be the same once you reach this point. 
You become elated, and so many emotions run through your body you cant explain it. 
You've reached a point of no return, so proud of your self, no one can destroy that. 

Milestones/Short term goals different intervals set to making reaching you ultimate goal. When you reach them, it motivates you to keep going. Knowing that your almost their. Your mind, and body seem to want to work together to make a better you.

 I don't have any set goals :(    I think that will be my mission for this weekend.

 To come up with a set of goals, and rewards for your journey. 
I accept

Well until next time. 

Love advise, comments, and support
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